$15 and Under Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least that’s what the song we sang for choir said.

Christmas is a beautiful time for giving and loving but some people view it as a materialistic holiday that just swallows your money. Yes, it can get expensive when you have to get gifts for 10 people…like I do. But that’s also the fun of it! I love giving gifts to people for Christmas! But, like some of you, I’m working a minimum wage job and can’t really afford to get expensive gifts for everyone. That why I put a few ideas together of gifts for everyone on your list that are $15 and under!! My friends and I put a $15 limit on our gifts and at first I thought it would be difficult, but it turns out affordable gifts are easier to find than you think. Also, I put together ideas of gifts for each type of girl friend you have last year, so I’ll put a link to that right here. I hope this helps you guys!

Affordable Gifts for a Girl Friend



Colorado Couture


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